Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pho Fro Yo

Beth is in town for Spring Break. YEAH! This usually means we eat at all of her favorite places. First stop, Pho Grand for Vietnamese food (so yummy)! Then on to a new Frozen Yogurt Place in the Delmar Loop called Fro Yo. I was eating the tart original flavored yogurt. Not my favorite.
Tonight, we tried the Happy Hour Tapas Tuesday at Modesto on The Hill. Beth always wants to eat at Modesto when she is in town. Not one of my favorites, but the price is just right on Tuesdays. Happy Hour is all night. Try the Datile Relleno - Cabrales-stuffed date wrapped in bacon for $1.50 each or the Albondiga - veal and pork meatball, $.25 each. Oh, and I almost forgot, Mild FUN also ordered a pitcher of sangria. This is Spring Break!